Stix & Stones may break your bones, but Assure Services will never hurt your bottom line…only deliver top quality Kitchen Duct Cleaning!

With a combined experience of nearly two decades in the restaurant industry, Stix & Stones, located in Belfast’s Upper Queen Street, provides diners with a delicious selection of carefully selected local steak and seafood and offers diners the unique experience of being able to cook their steaks on hot stones in beautifully decorated surroundings. With such a unique and one of a kind dining experience, it was only fitting that Stix & Stones Restaurant chose a Kitchen Duct Cleaning service provider that was equally one of a kind. Therefore Assure Services are proud to announce that they have successfully won the tender to clean the Stix & Stones Kitchen Ducts.

Damien Martin, Managing Director of Assure Services, commented;

“We at Assure Services provide popular restaurants such as Stix & Stones with the most advanced Kitchen Duct Cleaning services available within the industry today, all across Northern Ireland. We are so proud to be awarded such a prestigious contract By Stix & Stones which is proof that young and dynamic companies continue to turn to us at Assure Services to provide high quality cleaning of their Kitchen Ducts. Stix & Stones have recognised the benefit that Assure Services will work out of hours to suit their Kitchen Duct Cleaning needs. No restaurant wants to have to close their kitechen to allow for cleaning and maintenance, and we at Assure Services understand the importance of minimal disruption to your business and the bottom line. I would like to thank all our team for their hard work in ensuring the acquisition of this contract and rest assured we will meet all of Stix & Stones’ expectations regarding the kitchen duct cleaning service that we offer in Belfast and all the six counties of Antrim, Londonderry, Tyrone, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh or beyond.”

For further information please contact Assure Services on 028 2556 9307 or 07793 613 604