Sizzlers in Kells… No Codding Around… one of the best Chippies in ‘Norn Ireland’

If there is one dish we ‘Norn Ireland’ folk  love, it’s a hearty serving of fish and chips or a ‘fish supper’

Luckily, fish and chip shops and takeaways aren’t hard to come by with hundreds of outlets based all across the country to cater for those cravings. However finding the perfect chippy where the owners and staff put their ‘hake and sole‘ into delivering the best fish supper around is not an easy task.

So cod I just take a few moments of your time… the plaice is Kells and the chippy is ‘ Sizzlers’.. Chip, Chip, hooray.  Owner  Thompson and his staff ensure there’s no ‘hake’ news about the quality of their offerings …good food served by experienced staff whose school report would never say ‘cod do better’ serving up fish and chips cooked freshly to order.

This time it was team ‘George & James’ who took up the challenge to keep Sizzlers TR19 compliant so without further ado they set off to Kells with the latest so-fishticated equipment…. in Cod we Trust Rosie could be heard saying encouraging the team as they set off.

Starting outside business hours on a Sunday Team ‘George & James‘ ensured no disruption to the business, checked all fans and fryers were in full working order after the grease extractions cleans were complete before departing  to let the kitchen team  begin to serve their legendary fish and sausage suppers to name but a few.

On completion of the job Thompson, owner of Sizzlers, was impassioned in his praise for the Assure team…

Thompson commented: “Holy Mackerel… we’d have them back again to keep …..for cods hake…I’ve haddock with anyone else …we’d have Assure back at this plaice in a flash to keep us compliant.”