‘Bone Appetit’ Says Brand Ambassador Rosie as Assure Complete Everglades Deep Kitchen Clean on Schedule

At the Everglades Hotel, part of the Hastings Hotel group in Derry-Londonderry they are passionate about food! A relaxing afternoon tea in the lounge or a sumptuous feast in the grill restaurant each and every dish is expertly prepared by their Head Chef and has an emphasis on food provenance. Every ingredient is carefully selected and sourced from the finest local suppliers!

They are also extremely passionate about food hygiene so it was a pleasure to once again send our team to the North –West for the regularly scheduled kitchen deep clean that are part and partial of the Hastings Hotel Groups ‘Peace of Mind’ policy in relation to food hygiene.

The team at the Everglades run a kitchen that is always showroom immaculate so we knew that anything less that perfection would not meet their exacting standards when they commissioned us to keep them compliant and up to  environmental health and TR19 standards.

It was up to team ‘Damien’ to take up the challenge so without further ado they set off to the North West hoping to win a ‘Rosie’ award –  Assure Services highest accolade and only given to teams or team members that go above and beyond customers expectation……staff who show they are truly ‘diamonds in the ruff ‘.

Starting after the dining area closed and working into the small hours team ‘Damien’ ensured no disruption to the business and completed an extensive kitchen deep clean before departing next morning to let the Everglades dining team begin to serve their legendary breakfasts.

Raymond Duncan, Compliance, Operations and Procurement Manager with Hastings Hotels commented: ‘Across the Hastings Hotel Group we are passionate about food and food hygiene and when our schedules indicate it’s time for a Kitchen Deep Clean it’s simply time to call Assure Services although in fairness quite often they ring us first to agree a date for the task at hand as they schedule the next clean after completion of the last one….in a nice way they ‘hound’ me to agree a date.

We always feel assured they will match and exceed our expectations… as a team we’re not one for over exuberance or high praise for suppliers unless its due .. this time it’s well deserved so thanks to Assure Services, Brand Ambassador Rosie and team ‘Damien‘…. as Rosie may say ‘ Bone Appetit’ !