Assure Services serves up high standards of Kitchen Duct Cleaning for Montgomery’s of Ballymena


Montgomery’s Restaurant, situated in Ballymoney Street, Ballymena, has been operating in the town for over 80 years. The business traded as a hardware and general merchants for most of their history under the name of Montgomery & Murdoch but the direction of their town centre business changed radically with the re-branding as simply Montgomery’s and a move towards the restaurant trade, becoming the trademark restaurant complex that we all know and love today.

It is no surprise therefore that a restaurant of such high regard chose a service provider in equally high standing when it came to choosing the best company to clean their kitchen ducts, and turned to Assure Services for their professional expertise.

Damien Martin, Managing Director at Assure Services, commented;

“We at Assure Services provide popular restaurants such as Montgomery’s with the most advanced kitchen duct cleaning services available on the market today, all across Northern Ireland. We are so proud to be awarded such a prestigious contract By Mark Montgomery which is proof that reputable companies put their faith in us to provide high quality services.

I would like to thank all our team for their support in mobilising this contract and rest assured we will meet all of Montgomery’s expectations regarding the kitchen duct cleaning service that we offer in Belfast and all the six counties of Antrim, Londonderry, Tyrone, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh or beyond. You have our assurance that Assure Services NI will serve up unrivalled standards of kitchen duct cleaning.”

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