A Toast to Butter Days as Assure Complete Yet Another TR19 Compliance Project in Cullybackey

Toast is a delightful coffee shop in Cullybackey serving breakfast, lunches, snacks and lots of home made goodies. Toast is one of life’s simple pleasure and frankly in our opinion one of life’s most underrated meals…hot melted butter smothering a delightfully toasted piece of bread ..yummy ..I digress.
Let me take you to Cullybackey and the coffee shop known as ‘Toast‘. Sisters Leanne and Lynette ensure your breakfast toast in not as Darth Vader would like it ..’on the dark side’ …it’s good food served by experienced and friendly staff who serve up delicious meals and snacks cooked freshly to order.
This time it was team ‘George & James’ who took up the challenge to keep Toast TR19 compliant so without further ado and no loafing around they set off to Cullybackey after their breakfast of toast …they both always have toast for breakfast as they are both ‘lack toast intolerant‘ with the latest high technical equipment to finish the job in time …Accounts Director Adrian had told them …”if you don’t finish on time and on budget you’re both toast ‘ so they wasted no time…. when you are back we’ll raise a ‘toast to butter days ‘ Rosie could be heard saying encouraging the team as they set off…

Starting outside business hours Team ‘George & James‘ ensured  they were toastly focused no disruption to the business, checked all fans and fryers were in full working order after the grease extractions cleans were complete before departing  to let the kitchen team begin to serve their legendary delicious offerings to locals and tourists alike

On completion of the job sisters Leanee and Lynette  owner of Toast, were impassioned in their praise for the Assure team…

Leanne commented: “Crust me… we’d have them back again faster that a toast pops up ready for butter …..it’s the yeast we can do after they worked so hard to keep us compliant.”