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It is absolutely essential, and a legal requirement, that your fire safety equipment undergoes regular maintenance check. Assure Services  offers the leading level of fire extinguisher service and sales within Northern Ireland.

At Assure Services, our fire safety experts carry out comprehensive and frequent fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance to the very highest of specifications.

We are committed to the training and continuous improvement of our staff, investing in their development to ensure that knowledge and skills are kept up to date. In the field of fire extinguisher maintenance, we offer a professional, friendly and cost-effective solution for your fire protection needs, including sales, service, maintenance, repair, overhaul and environmentally friendly disposal of fire extinguishers.

it is critical that your fire safety equipment is regularly tested by qualified and experienced technicians. Ensuring that fire extinguishers are unobstructed, clearly visible, correctly labelled and have a tamper-proof seal in place is a good start but on its own is not enough. To guarantee optimum performance from your fire extinguishers, they require servicing and maintenance at least every 12 months by experienced fire servicing and maintenance specialists. Our service technician will visit you on an annual basis and you can be certain that everything will be kept in full working order.

Because fire extinguishers are used primarily by suitably trained persons to tackle a fire in its early stages, the importance of ensuring that they are fully working cannot be understated. It is therefore extremely important that fire safety equipment maintenance is carried out correctly and you can trust Assure Services with this task.

For more information on fire extinguishers please give us a call or email us to see how we can help.

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