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Deep Clean

At times the need arises for a deep disinfectant grade clean to a room, commercial or industrial premises exposed to a bacterial or viral infection. When undertaking such work, great care and considerable experience is needed.

Assure Services have both – having experience in office, commercial premises, hospital and nursing home environments even providing deep cleaning into theatres and care facilities.

While modern office interiors are more open than they ever have been modern office workers are still likely to leave their mark on even the best of interiors.

We can disinfect and clean areas using hospital grade disinfectant and with the use of ‘ fogging’ and our highly specialised ozone generators we efficiently eliminate as best possible any further virus risk.

We deep clean to eliminates viruses and bacteria on any regularly touched surfaces like light switches, tap handles or buttons, telephones receivers, and keyboards. If more than one employee regularly touches anything, it’s a magnet for germs, and an investment in cleaning can pay off in fewer worker sick days taken.

Our deep cleans can be done any time to keep your workspace or factory in top shape and encourage your employees to maintain healthy and productive habits with the minimum of downtime.

So if you need deep cleaning of your offices, commercial, residential, kitchens or industrial premises throughout Northern Ireland then call Assure Services today so we can help on 028 9446 6724 or 07793 613604 or click here to email us.