A Business Opportunity for you

In July 2019 the landscape of the grease extraction cleaning industry changed dramatically, creating an opportunity where demand outstrips supply massively. Insurance companies now require all commercial kitchen operators including schools, nursing homes, clubs and the fast food sector, to have their grease extraction systems cleaned to TR-19, in order to maintain insurance cover.

TR-19 is the specification created by the Building and Engineering Services Association (BESA), which the insurance companies use as a bench mark to determine cleanliness, risk and uniformity of process. In July 2019 BESA copyrighted and trademarked TR-19, owning all intellectual property rights and released a new TR-19 specification.

What does this mean?

  • All companies claiming to provide TR-19 cleaning can only do so with BESA consent.
  • All employees of such companies must be BESA trained and hold the related skill card.
  • Companies providing TR-19 work cannot provide their own company certification of works, which now must be done via BESCA.
  • Post clean reports are now sent to BESCA for audit then a BESCA certificate is issued
  • Certificate length is no longer dictated by the client, insurance company or the cleaning company. It is based on grease micron level readings.

Insurance companies being risk adverse will now only provide insurance cover to companies cleaning the system to TR-19 by companies that can demonstrate competency and have their work audited. Currently very few companies either meet the criteria or are in the process of meeting the criteria. The opportunities are huge.

We can help

Assure Services are the BESA approved training centre for Ireland which means all companies / operators needing the BESCA skill card can get this in Ireland for the first time. We can help with the application process to BESCA and showcase which PDA systems have been approved.

Assure Services are HEY distributors for Ireland and this means we can supply all the duct cleaning equipment needed to complete the tasks to TR-19. We provide everything from rotary brush machines to filter cleaning tanks.

For more information on the opportunity that these changes present call us today on 028 9446 6724 to see how we can help you grow your business or help you start a new one.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]