Smoke Damage

If your business or home has fallen victim to a fire then your premises will no doubt have smoke damage that requires professional smoke cleaning services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call in the event of an emergency.

Any property and its contents that have been damaged by fire and smoke will be subject to toxins that need cleaning not just for cosmetic reasons, but also for health reasons as smoke particles contain many chemicals that could cause lung irritation or worse.

When recovering from a fire you are left with soot and smoke damage which leaves a lingering burnt smell that needs cleaning and removing by professionals. Due to the unpredictable nature of soot and smoke damage we use different methods to completely eradicate the smell. These methods include air blasting, pressure washing, steam cleaning, dry soot sponging and to eliminate the smoke odour we carry out a thermal fogging treatment to the affected rooms which acts to bind to the smoke particles and render them odourless.

We also work closely with insurance companies, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in the safest hands, plus, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get you back on your feet.

It is highly recommended that smoke or soot damage should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent secondary damage to your property. Smoke particles left on surfaces will react with the environment, especially where water moisture is present in the air, and become acidic.

The acidic by-product will etch and ‘eat’ into a wide range of surfaces increasing the chance of a lingering odour even after redecoration. In addition as unprotected wood surfaces expand and contract the longer smoke or soot is present the further this will work its way into the wood increasing the cost of sanding down and redecoration if not cleaned effectively. Soot damage can also have serious adverse effects on any textile materials that are left untreated and cleaned increasing the change that they will become unsalvageable.

Our fully-qualified technicians have years of experience and use only state-of-the-art equipment to carry out a full restoration process, including odour removal, to restore your belongings and make your property safe again.In an emergency, Assure Services are available on call 24/7 and we aim to be with you within 2 hours to make sure that we’re able to rush to your assistance without the slightest delay. As a professional emergency cleanup company ideally located in Antrim we know that time is of the essence so contact us today for free estimates.

We have highly trained and qualified technicians covering the whole of Ireland which allows us to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency cleaning issue.
Assure Services work with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies, so you can rest assured that when it comes to your emergency cleaning situation we are the professional team to call first.

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